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Montgomery Properties Ranch - Turkey Hunts
Montgomery Properties Ranch - Turkey Hunts
Montgomery Properties Ranch - Turkey Hunts
Montgomery Properties Ranch - Turkey Hunts
Montgomery Properties Ranch - Turkey Hunts

For some of the best Turkey Hunting in North Central Texas, come hunt with us!

The Turkey population on the ranch has dramatically increased over the last few years due to the year round supplement feed available to the deer program. That combined with light hunting pressure has resulted in an excellent population of turkey.

Accomodations and Facilities are located on the ranch with all the amenities:

  • 3 Bedroom / 2 Bath Camp House
  • All cooking utensils
  • Outside grill for cooking that juicy steak over mesquite
  • Walk-in cooler and cleaning facilities

All hunts are semi-guided.

General Rules for Turkey Hunts

- Always exercise safety when handling your weapon in the field or around the camp.

- Always exercise safety and caution when identifying your target.

- Never mix alcohol with firearms or weapons of any type.

- No animal on earth is worth injury or close call when it comes to misuse of a firearm or weapon.

- All hunters will abide by all laws of the United States, State of Texas, and Jack County while hunting on the ranch.All hunters will obtain a Texas hunting license with a turkey stamp prior to arrival at ranch.

- All hunters upon arrival at the ranch will be required to acknowledge and sign a "Liability Indemnification Agreement".

- Booking requires 2 hunter minimum 4 hunter maximum.

- All hunts are (2) days and (2) nights with hunters arriving at 12:00 noon on first day and departing at 12:00 noon on last day.

Items furnished by hunter:

  • Food/Drinks
  • Bedroll
  • Towels
  • Coolers (for transportation of meat)
  • Alcoholic Beverages (AFTER HUNTING HOURS ONLY)

Hunting Fees:

Two Day / Two Nights / One Turkey - $1,000.00
Second Turkey $ 250.00
Non-Hunting Guest 50.00/day

Montgomery Properties Ranch requires a $250 deposit (non-refundable) for each hunter, paid when the hunt is booked. Personal checks accepted for deposit. Remaining balance to be paid upon arrival at the ranch.

Any additional fees incurred upon the harvest of an animal will be paid prior to the hunter leaving the ranch. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEED HUNT.