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Montgomery Properties Ranch - Whitetail Hunts
Montgomery Properties Ranch - Whitetail Hunts
Montgomery Properties Ranch - Whitetail Hunts

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting at it's best!

When you book a whitetail hunt with our operation don't expect to see a revolving door on the camp house like you would with some other outfits. You will never see more than 5 to 6 hunters on the ranch at any one time. We feel an important part of your trip is allowing each hunter and his guide the freedom to roam the ranch and experience all wildlife and scenery. Each hunter and guide will have several blind setups to choose from prior to each hunt or they can "stay put" if they have a muy grande buck spotted.

The hunts are guided one on one unless other wise requested (i.e. father and son or husband and wife) and the guide will determine the maturity of the deer. We define a mature buck as a buck that is 6.5 years old or greater. In other words, if a 4.5 or 5.5 year old steps out that is in the class of deer that you are hunting, you will not be allowed to take it. There may also be some bucks designated as Breeder Bucks that are on the NO SHOOT LIST.

The hunting is mainly out of spacious, heated blinds overlooking the lush wheat fields and wide senderos, or if you dare, try some of the best rattling to be found in Texas. With our one to one buck to doe ratio it can be spectacular. Don't forget your camera for some excellent photo and video opportunities.

We offer two different deer hunts:

Listed below are a few key points and what we expect from you:

  • This is not a guaranteed hunt; you may go home empty handed.
  • All hunters will be required to shoot their rifles in upon arrival at the ranch.
  • If a deer is shot at and wounded, your hunt is over except for that specific deer. Montgomery Properties makes every reasonable effort to locate a wounded deer.
  • Montgomery Properties requires of the booking fee to be paid at the time the hunt is booked. Remaining booking fee to be paid upon arrival at ranch. Additional trophy fees incurred upon the harvest of an animal will be paid prior to the hunter leaving the ranch.
  • All hunters prior to arrival at the ranch will be required to acknowledge and sign a Hunt Contract and "Liability Indemnification Agreement".
  • All hunters will obtain a Texas hunting license before arriving at the ranch.
  • All hunters will abide by all laws of the United States, State of Texas and Jack County while hunting on the ranch.
  • The only items necessary for the hunter to bring are rifle (good to bring a backup in the event of malfunction), ammo, clothing, personal items and a cooler large enough to transport meat back home.
  • The most important factor of this or any hunt is SAFETY. For this reason, your guide may ask you to check your rifle before climbing into/ out of blinds, vehicles etc., to be sure it is unloaded.
  • When riding in a vehicle, always have the muzzle to the floor and the bolt up (not in the locked down position).

Please don't take these requests personally but the bottom line is, no animal is worth injury or close call when it comes to the accidental discharge of a firearm.